Why Do You Smoke And How To Stop Easily?

All smokers have one thing in common. All of them want to stop, but they can’t. There are countless methods to stop smoking, but most of you will avoid them or fail after a short period of time. But, there is one method that actually works. First of all, why smokers smoke? The answer is simple. They smoke because they cannot stop.

Teenagers start to smoke due to simple reasons as well. Boys want to look tough like macho men and women want to look like ladies. In essence, both of them want to look older, and a cigarette looks just right for that application. Ask any smoker you want, would he or she recommend to a child to smoke and the answer will be the same, no! As such, smoking is an addiction which must be prevented or stopped.

How you can stop smoking today

The main thing to know is that quit smoking is extremely easy. First, you must be relaxed while doing so. For example, a Sydney mobile massage can help you get relaxed before you actually start the process. Never try to stop while under stress, or it will have a negative effect.

The next main thing is to realize that smoking doesn’t have any advantages. You won’t look tough, you don’t enjoy a cigarette and it doesn’t relax you. As a matter of fact, cigarettes will make you nervous and feel south.

Now when you now that smoking doesn’t give you anything, choose time and date when you will finally stop smoking. Put out the last cigarette and say that it was your last one. Immediately you will feel happy and you won’t think about cigarettes anymore. This is a great time due to the fact you have just become a non-smoker!

Now, you will have to stay a non-smoker. Do not avoid other smokers, never carry cigarettes with you nor try to feel the smoke of the smokers. In addition, do not use substitutes either. There is no need of that because you do not smoke.  Also, do not look at smokers like they have something they have and you want. They actually want something you already have. They want to quit smoking.


In simple words, cigarettes do not give you anything, but they take everything from you. As soon as you stop smoking, you will see the world as it actually looks like. It is a much better place than when you are a smoker.

Main Reasons Why You Cannot Stop Smoking

How many times have you tried to stop smoking? Probably dozens of times. The main issue still occurs. You haven’t smoked for a while and then you begin again. Regardless of how many times you stop smoking, you always go back to becoming a smoker. The explanation is actually simple. You have been making a few mistakes. Just to add, 7 out of 10 smokers want to quit and only 6% of smokers actually become non-smokers! These mistakes can assist you in improving your odds.

  1. You use your willpower

Using willpower to stop smoking is the most common mistake. For example, you will try to use your emotions and to limit them with willpower. However, all our emotions are limitless, while our willpower has a limit. As such, this is the most common mistake. A willpower won’t eliminate the reasons or ‘’benefits’’ cigarettes offer. Controlling the craving with willpower is impossible as well, so this is a mistake to avoid.

The key is to stop thinking about cigarettes, rather than to control the cravings with willpower. Obviously, it isn’t an easy task, but if you find an interesting alternative, you will manage. A craving lasts for 3 minutes, so keep your hands and mind busy during that time.

  1. You have been trying to deal with physical addiction

Cigarettes cause physical and mental addiction. If you have been using gums, patches or similar, you will feed your physical addition, while your mental will stay untreated! Physical addiction to nicotine is minor and it can be solved without an issue! Mental one is more complicated.

The solution is simple. All you have to do is to realize you are not addictive. Did you know that it is possible to stop smoking straight away and you will be a happier person, without craving! If most people can do it, you can as well. Still, the best method is to deal with physical and mental addiction. Before you actually quit, start thinking about cigarettes and how you actually don’t need them.

  1. You haven’t made a real decision

This is probably the most common reason why you always return to being a smoker. Most of you say ‘’I will try to stop smoking’’ instead of ‘’I will never light another cigarette.’’ Do you see a problem? You try to achieve something, but you are not sure can you do it or even do you actually want it. To stop smoking, you must be positive that your decision is ultimate.

Believe that you can stop smoking, make a tough decision and you are an ex-smoker. Another, useful thing to do is to be specific. Say, ‘’I will stop smoking because it is expensive’’ and chances will be better.


If you avoid these three mistakes, you will become a non-smoker within 2 weeks. Keep in mind that it is much easier than you believe and it is possible to do it. Life is much better when you can feel the taste of food and smell in the air. Smokers don’t feel these things!