Smoking Everywhere is founded and ran by us, a team of professionals, who are trying to reduce the number of smokers in the world. All of us were smokers, so each information on the websites you get can be trusted and it is helpful. We have been searching for the ultimate, quit smoking solution. What we discovered is that not a single solution works perfectly all on its own. In order to stop smoking, a person will have to implement a few, all-new rules to his life and to begin thinking in a different way. Only then, quit smoking is possible.

All smokers are killers, of their own lives and lives of people around them. We know that because we were like that! Cigarettes have thousands of harmful properties, but not a single plus side. Furthermore, they also cost a ton of money per year. The tobacco industry has a revenue of more than 800 billion per year, therefore you can easily determine why this is a successful business.

It isn’t relevant of which social circle you are a member or anything similar. As a matter of fact, the only thing you should have is a desire to stop smoking. With our help, you will succeed in the battle.

We promise you that each new technique, method or research will be implemented to the website as soon as possible, all in order to help to a higher number of smokers. Smoking Everywhere is your friend, founded and run by your friends.